Silver Stream Technologies, Inc.



  • Assistive Technology configuration solutions
  • Chrome OS product, OS management console software, peripherals, and deployment service solutions
  • Cloud-based services and cloud portfolio solutions
  • Complete conference room (furniture, AV, and IT) offerings with or without setup solutions
  • End-to-end data center solutions
  • End-to-end flexible and secure networking solutions
  • Healthcare provider, administrator, and payer solutions
  • Managed IT solutions
  • One Box Shipping solutions
  • Online backup and recovery service solutions
  • Pre-installed computer software and re-packaging solutions
  • Product bundle solutions
  • Professional managed call center support service solutions
  • Professional managed IT and web services solutions
  • Professional logo design, brand creation, and web site design solutions
  • Technology solutions for maximum productivity

Technology-based Business Solutions

Value Added Technology

Technology underpins every decision organizations make, from the markets they enter to the systems they deploy to the skills they require of their people. Every day, through its cutting edge technology service solutions, SSTi (SilverStream Technologies Inc.) delivers new technology-based business solutions to its clients, leveraging the capabilities of its technology services tools, and the deep technical skills of its people.

SSTi's strength lies in its vertical knowledge and service capabilities.

The right blend of infrastructure, skill set, research & knowledge have helped SilverStream Technologies Inc to forge great relationships.